Gavaskar eager for Tendulkar's record

Even as the entire nation missed a beat as Sachin Tendulkar fell agonisingly short of the world record, the legendary Sunil Gavaskar has joined the rest of the nation in hoping that he gets the monkey off his back very soon. He spoke exclusively to CNN-IBN.

"As it happens with every batsman, be it his first match or 150th game, when he is taking those steps just before he enters the ground there are always butterflies in the tummy. But the moment you enter the ground you start focussing, you start saying to yourself ..'this is my time, this is where I need to go out and do my best.' So I think all the awareness of the records and everything goes away as you just try and keep your concentration going and try and focus on what the bowler is going to bowl at you," said the former Indian captain.

He further added, "If he (Sachin) gets a 50+ or a 100+ innings in Mohali that will be fantastic. But at the end of the day, a record is a record. If he get those 15 runs and get his record then all of us here in India are going to get happy but we all are very greedy.

"When we see Virender Sehwag get out, we always want him to stay and bat as long as he can so that we get the enjoyment. Similarly with Sachin or for that matter Rahul or Sourav and VVS to bat longer. That is why when they get out we try to find fault. So as far as I am concerned if Sachin get 15 runs and gets that record I will still be over the moon. But if in getting that 15 runs he also goes on and gets a hundred, then it would be even better

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