" Nuclear deal-an historic accomplishment"

India-US civil nuclear treaty, speaks volumes in terms of transformation of friendship and understanding between the two countries. One has to recall the days of cold and not so friendly relations that existed during Nixon and post-Nixon era.

India never on the horizon of the US state department. Earlier years, I used to talk to folks in the state department who acknowledged that India is the third tier of their radar system.

We have come a long way to be recognised and appreciated India as a nation that can be counted.

Of course, the initial credit has to go to former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajapayee, who paved the way with the then President Bill Clinton and that continued its progress into the Bush administration.

We realise that current PM Dr Manmohan Singh has to stake his coalition government on the block to gain the confidence of Parliament which was unprecedented move.

It is not the day-to-day politics we are interested in, but at the larger cause of India which was at our heart when entire Indian American community batted for the US-India civil nuclear treaty.

The vote of confidence was vote of confidence in the sanity of this treaty which would bring enormous energy and prosperity to India.

The energy needs of India cannot be met just by one treaty but this is a right and first step and we should applaud the judgment and courage people of India, who have shown in coming forward for the good of India.

Nobody is saying that the treaty is flawless and perfect treaty but this is only a beginning and things could be worked out.

Hats to President George Bush and Secretary Condoleezza Rice on US side and Manmohan Singh, his team, along with Ambassador Sen and Indian Americans who worked with utmost sincerity to make this happen.

On many occasions one felt the passage of treaty was so near and at times one felt so far away.

Now we can take sigh of relief that dream turned into reality. We are all happy that it happened on the watch of President Bush. It was his leadership, foresight and vision of New India that led to this treaty.

To quote Manmohan Singh, India was kind of apartheid state as far as nuclear energy was concerned and now it is liberated in its quest for energy and prosperity for the generations to come.

I am sure India will see new era, new hope, which will culminate into a 21st century's modern, prosperous India.

Indian Americans have played a very important role in getting this treaty where it is today. They met their congressional leaders for three years and constantly kept pressure on them to move with the treaty.

Each one took the responsibility of their state congressional delegation for the cause of their motherland. Many of us were constantly in touch with the state department and the white House. In a democracy voters and contributors to political party matter.

Congressional delegation did not want to offend the growing political clout of Indian American. Many reluctantly came on the board. A final voting in the US Congress and specially in the US Senate was swift and overwhelming.

It is really a dream come true story. We are glad we were part of this including the signing of this Bill in the White House by President George Bush.

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