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Enthiran Story Line - Science Fiction film of India

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Enthiran (formerly ROBOT) casting Thalivar Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai directed by Shankar is science fiction (sci-fi) in name and even in script. We are all aware how famous and successful are sci-fi in Hollywood (Spiderman, Star Wars, The Terminator…). Bollywood or the Indian Cinema on the whole had produced very few sci-fi films out of them Mr.India, Koi…Mil Gaya, Krish, Koi…Mil Gaya were the popular and successful ones. Am I right?? Do you know any other good Indian sci-fi?

So not because Rajinikanth is acting, I wish Enthiran movie can create a milestone in Indian Cinema. Let’s dig the story line now. The guessed story line for Rajini Enthiran movie is this - Enthiran is a year 2200 story where a famous Scientist invents a ROBOT to save the people from the evils. Rajikanth plays the role of the Scientist and the ROBOT. (It would be great to see Rajinikanth in a boxy metal suit, walking stiffly and voice in a flat sound.) May be everything sound similar like The Terminator to all of us but, I am sure writer Sujatha had a much better bottom-line script.

After Sivaji THE BOSS, Shankar and Rajinikanth have chosen to take up another challenge (8 years of expectation and hype of the media) and this could be the biggest challenge in their lives. Shankar being the master mind for everything shows his obvious sincerity in every activity and movement. The recent statement of Rajinikanth to his fans “I would need some more time to enter politics and I would like to concentrate on Enthiran right now” shows the commitment which Thalaivar has for this movie.


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