fore school of management

Foundation for Organizational Research and Education (FORE) is a center of excellence in Management Education, Research, Training and Consultancy.

The unique philosophy of FORE since its establishment in 1981, lays emphasis on being reasonable and fair as well as flexible. Constant upgradation of myriad management skills attains utmost importance in order to achieve competence in the fast changing corporate environment. The MDPs organized by FORE have set out to achieve this objective.

FORE concerns itself with overall development of managers of the new millennium. Hence, the faculty and students are encouraged to take active participation in all events both academic and otherwise. Strong emphasis is laid on external exposure, students are encouraged to take up on-line research projects in conjunction with their specialization, over and above the curriculum.

The curriculum at FORE is constantly upgraded with productive inputs from both faculty as well as students, who in turn are constantly in touch with the corporate sector and the alumni to help future managers meet the challenges of competition and to avail of emerging business trends. Students of FSM are subjected to rigorous academic pressures. They are expected to meet deadlines and constantly make efforts to improve their performance. Constant self-appraisal and improvement is resorted to. Yoga, Stress Management and meditation also form an integral part of the curriculum.

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