kanchipuram priest scandal

Kanchipuram: The Kanchipuram priest scandal acts as another eye opener for the hypocrisies that lie behind the faade of celibacy and piety in the places of worship. A priest in Kanchipuram was arrested for indulging in sexual activities in the temple precincts and capturing them live on video. What makes the whole scenario even worse is that all this would take place even while unsuspecting devotees would be outside the temple, waiting to pay their respects and perform puja.

The culprit, who has been identified as Devanathan in the police records, was the priest at the Manchaesa Perumal temple, a well known shrine at the village of Kanchipuram, a place that attracts millions of pilgrims throughout the year. The activities used to take place in the sanctum sanctoram, the part of a temple where the idol is placed. He used to record the activities in his mobile phone, which finally led to his undoing. A local mechanic whom Devanathan had entrusted to repair the phone, discovered the Kanchipuram priest scandal and began circulating them. The CDs were discovered by the police while they were being sold. Devanathan escaped along with his family, but surrendered four days later. He has not been granted bail.

The police said that the videos contained graphic videos of the priest indulging in the sexual acts with at least four women while performing the rites of worship, taking short breaks to attend to his regular business with the devotees. The women are probably among the ones who come to the temple regularly. The 19 videos of the Kanchipuram priest scandal, each running for about 90 minutes, have been released on the internet, probably by Devanathan himself, and are circulating via MMS.

Kanchipuram Temple Sex Scandal Involving a Temple Priest has Created light has shocked the devotees all over the world.

The surprising element is the fact that offender Devanathan, 36-year-old priest used to indulge in sexual acts at the time when devotees were waiting outside to do puja ceremony. He was running from the custody for a month, now he surrendered before the police on 16th November 2009 and his bail got rejected.

Kanchipuram temple scandal where a temple priest has violated the sanctity of the holy Kanchipuram temple can be termed as the ‘limit to which a person can fall in acts’.

The issue can in light when he gave his mobile for repair and the mobile technician downloaded the explicit scenes and brought them into the public domain. The MMS clips which are 19 files running for about 90 minutes according to reports are hot on the web.

The police has arrested the priest and is now searching for technician who has uploaded these online. Both priest and technician will be booked under the new IT act.

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