Amitabh Bachan interview-paa film

Ratnam means to him, and of course “Paa”.
Q: The fact that you are playing your father’s father in “Paa” is unique in itself but you are also playing a young politician in the film. That’s also unusual, isn’t it?
“I was very excited when (director) Balki told me that he wanted to make my character a politician because I was very keen to show a politician in good light. Unfortunately, we typecast politicians in our films and there is a cliché of a politician who wears a Nehru cap, wears a sadri (traditional Indian garb), chews paan and is corrupt.
amitabh bachchan
“I wanted to show that there are politicians who are forward thinking and can do good things.
Amol Arte is not corrupt. He is a good guy and I think everyone’s faith in politicians will be rebestowed after this film.”
Q: This is also a movie that has quite a radical subject, doesn’t it?
“Well, for starters, the film isn’t about progeria. That is just a background. Progeria was a second thought and I don’t mean that with any disrespect. Balki came up with the idea that he wanted me to play my father’s father and we set about looking for a plausible reason to do that.
How do you have me and my father in the same frame and make it look believable? That’s when Balki came upon progeria which is a very unfortunate disease where the human body ages much faster than it is supposed to.
“People with progeria have a very distinct look, so the makeup was right there. We did take a few creative liberties. But the film is not about progeria and nor does it show the tragic life of a progeria victim. It’s a happy film and you will definitely leave the theatre with a smile on your face. It’s a film about a father and a son.”                                            Read more>>

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