Cash makes national debut at red carpet premiere in Chicago

Businessmen, community leaders and the media thronged the April 9 red carpet premiere of "Ca$h," a Hollywood film produced by Naveen Chathappuram.The film, which stars Chris Hemsworth, Victoria Profeta and Sean Bean, was released nation- wide April 9. The Chicagoland premiere was held at BIG Cinemas Golf Glen in Niles.Present at the premiere were Chathappuram; writer/director Stephen Milburn Anderson; Richard Moskal, director of the City of Chicago Film Office; and actor Antony Thekkek.

"We're extraordinarily proud of Chicago's growing independent film community," Moskal said. "Naveen Chathappuram and his new film `Cash' have extended the reach of Chicago film-making to international audiences and furthered our reputation as a true center for production and creative achievement."
Chathappuram said he was excited bout lead actor Bean.

"While Sean Bean was hailed for his performance in `Lord of the Rings,' and carries a huge fan base in the U.S. and U.K., Ca$h is his first lead role," he noted. "We are pretty excited about that." Anderson praised Hemsworth, saying the actor had only been in the United States a few weeks when he auditioned for "Ca$h" in Chicago.

"We saw potential in him, and `Ca$h' became his first film. He has shot to stardom since `Ca$h.'
We knew he was going to be huge." "Ca$h," which made its market debut at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009, is being billed as the first U.S. film completed using Sony F23 professional high-definition cameras.
The film will be released in 20 global markets this year, includ- ing a theatrical distribution in the U.S. by Roadside Attractions, a division of Lionsgate.

In an earlier interview , Chathappuram described the film as the "story about what a human being is capable of when pushed to the limit."Bean portrays twin brothers Pyke and Reese Kubic, who get rid of a stash of cash as they are being chased by police. The cash is discovered by Sam and Leslie Phelan, who go on a spending spree with their new- found treasure.

But the good times end when on of the brothers turns up at their doorstep for the cash."The story takes the trio on an action-packed romp through the streets of Chicago, where the twists and turns just keep com- ing," Chathappuram said.Featured in the film are Chicago neighborhoods and notable Chicago businesses, including Lincoln Park Savings Bank, Howard Orloff Land Rover on West Irving Park, and The Roomplace on North Elston.

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