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Hi friends..A doctor is already widely known and highly regarded for plastic surgeons dallas ,cosmetic surgery procedures like breast enlargement in Provo and other types of cosmetic surgery for Salt Lake City and beyond, but now he is becoming known for pioneering a surgical approach to treating chronic migraine sufferers. His new surgical method for treating migraines is truly revolutionary, with one study showing a 92% rate of success.”The success rate is phenomenal,” says board-certified plastic surgeon. “So far we’ve seen that through surgery, migraines can be eliminated or dramatically reduced in the vast majority of patients. For many, that means improving their work, home and social lives, adding to their general quality of life.”his migraine surgery technique is based upon the research of Dr. Bahman Guyuron, who found a link between areas that plastic surgeons work on and the trigger sites for migraines.He worked with Dr. Guyuron in Ohio at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic and the University Hospitals of Cleveland, where he conducted research while training with the renowned doctor.Have a nice day.

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